Discover the designer you were truly meant to be!

Design Principles 101 workshops provide a learning platform for adopting Unity and Rhythm into your creative work. It is through Unity and Rhythm that your work can begin to achieve its fullest potential. Each workshop is comprised of a series of online lectures and interrelated exercises. Students will receive video feedback from their instructor on each exercise they post and will have access to a dedicated workshop blog.

Beginning to Intermediate level workshops immerse the student into the core relationships that design principles cover. The overall program’s structure allows the student to enjoy a deliberate “break in the action” at this workshop’s conclusion, thus letting the lessons learned steep before electing to proceed to the Intermediate to Advanced level.

Describe your goals or objectives in the field on the right (1500 character limit). Optional: upload a .JPG or .PDF file, or copy a link to allow us to see an example of your current work. No examples yet? No problem. Price includes six exercise lessons, video lectures, personalized video feedback, and access to the Workshop Blog for group and peer-to-peer interaction.

Our net goal is to enable a deeper, applied understanding of design while enlivening the visual playing field called creativity.




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