Discover the designer you were truly meant to be!

TARGET YOUR LEARNING OBJECTIVES without having to wait for the perfect class to open up. Let our team of experienced instructors create one or a series of customized lessons tailored to help get you on track or help you to explore a new direction.

Describe your goals or objectives in the field on the right (1500 character limit). Optional: upload a .JPG or .PDF file, or copy a link to allow us to see an example of your current work. No examples yet? No problem. Your information will be reviewed, then a program of at least three lessons will be suggested complete with overall learning outcomes. Included will be your first assignment which you can get into right away.

Each assignment will serve as a stand-alone lesson but is also designed to integrate with the rest of your proposed program. The results of each assignment may inform the remainder of your program. That means your remaining assignments may or may not need an adjustment from the original program as we get a better sense about the direction of your work.

Each individual assignment includes 2-3 rounds of video-based feedback per assignment following any questions on your part. Price includes preliminary review, program proposal, assignment development, 2-3 video critiques, file compression and uploading back to you.




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