Discover the designer you were truly meant to be!

FEEDBACK TO HELP YOU MOVE FORWARD. Receive up to one minute in feedback on any single project or exercise you’ve created. Once a month, around the start of the month, one of our instructors will provide video feedback from mainly a design principles perspective to a group of 15 creatives including yourself. If you have multiple projects or exercises, multiple FlashCrits will need to be purhased. You may end being part of multiple groups and *multiple conversations!

It works like this: Upload any single project or composition. You and up to 15 fellow users will be part of a roughly 15-minute video response, one participant at a time. You can watch your own Flash Crit as well those of all the others in your group.

Post your creation onto the FlashCrit category in the *Exercise Blog to get further feedback from fellow users!





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