Discover the designer you were truly meant to be!

Creating dynamic work doesn’t require isolation from the known world. Receive up to 5 minutes of video-based, personalized feedback on any single real-world project, composition or exercise (including those from our Exercise sections), from an experienced instructor and professional.

It works like this: Upload a single image, PDF, or a link to any single project or composition. Describe your project’s goals and objectives–even the issues you’d like to explore or resolve (1500 character limit). You can reasonably expect a video critique in 3-5 days after receipt of your uploaded file baring any clarifications required by us from you. Price includes preliminary review and analysis, video critique, file compression and uploading back to you.

Please indicate if you are submitting a continuing project by marking the checkbox. The video is yours to keep, share and replay as often as you’d like.

Submissions received after 12:00 PM Fridays/Pacific Standard Time (PST) will be considered as received the following Monday.





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